I mostly work with high-fired clays like stoneware and porcelain. The material is either plastic or fluid, depending on the production technique I use. On the pottery wheel I prefer working with stoneware clay. The work on the wheel is a very meditative process – I like to compare it with yoga. While throwing, the clay reflects my current inner mood and helps me to let go and create free forms in a very intuitive way.
The slip-casting of porcelain is a more repeatable process. After creating a positive form out of clay or 3D-printed out of plastics, plaster is poured over to create a negative of it – the mould. In this mould, fluid porcelain is poured and the plaster removes moisture from the liquid mass and so it gets more solid on the outside. The excess fluid material is later poured out and a moist porcelain object is left, which then has to dry up to one week before getting fired the first time. After glazing, the second fire is taking place, which leads to shrinkage of the object and brings the glaze to melt and fuse with the underground. The high firing temperature of up to 1280°C makes my objects durable and dishwasher-safe.
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